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18 Mar 2018;
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Baseball Player Evaluations

Training tip: Cutoff Throws
Coach Kenny Buford, Knox College

As a coach, we are always searching for those basic baseball training tips that make such a difference with our teams. Simple, but so important to teach.

Cutoffs: Always throw the ball to the glove side/chest high with the glove side of the player receiving the ball turned sideways to advance the ball the fastest to the next target. This eliminates spinning, rotating the body and having to get the body in position to throw after receiving the ball from another player.

Doing this correctly saves valuable seconds in relay throws. Both the initial player throwing and the player receiving the first thrown must execute their responsibilities correctly in an effort to throw out runners.

Pitching Tip: Hand Synchronization Drill

To help pitchers develop a rhythm for the beginning of the pitch, have them start with their hands together and practice bringing the glove elbow up while the pitching arm assumes the cocked position. The arms should move together in a fluid motion.

If one hand moves before the other, it will cause the rhythm of the pitch to be off as well as throw the body's balance off. Once pitchers can synchronize their hands, you can have them add in the step back and the kick, to help pull the move together.

Pitching Drill: 30 / 60 / 90 Drill
Coach Kenny Buford, Knox College

While primarily for pitching, the drill can be adapted for general throwing mechanics

Click the link to see the video : http://www.baseballtutorials.com/cl/306090.html

Coaching Tips: Bulls-Eye Target
Coach Kenny Buford, Knox College

We had been having difficulty getting the players to throw hard to first base. I came up with these baseball coaching tips to improve my players throwing skills.

I decided to track down an archery target with a colored bullseye.

My players would lob and “shot put” the baseball over and the ball would land in the dirt just in front of our first baseman making it even harder for him to catch. Guess they were afraid they were going to hurt the first baseman.

I found the archery target for about $150 including the stand on the internet. So during baseball practice we wheeled out the target and set it up over first base. During infield we made a contest out of it to see who could hit the target the most. The kids loved it.

As they became more concise with their throws we then made the game more challenging by rewarding points for only the throws that hit the small red bullseye in the middle.

Needless to say after just one practice with the archery target they no longer lobbed the ball into 1B.