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Need to break up the monotony? Need to change the pace of practice?

Try these drills to switch things up, or to get the most out of those "difficult" pratices.


Hubba Bubba Ball
Coach Kenny Buford, Knox College

For this kids baseball drill, the coach needs an oversized plastic bat and balls -- they can be found at most toy stores. The coach divides the team into defense and offense and acts as full-time pitcher. The kids play the game as they normally would. Because of the plastic ball, the defense doesn't need gloves. The batters should focus on clean hits and correct tossing of the bat -- the coach might want to set up markers on either side of home plate so the kids can see where they bat should go once they get a hit. The defense should focus on catching and throwing with soft hands.

Beat the Heat
Coach Kenny Buford, Knox College

This baseball drill for kids teaches them about passing and hitting using water balloons. The coach will need to bring plenty of water balloons to practice -- about 100.

First the kids will practice passing by lining up in two relay lines with a big bucket at the end. The two lines compete to see how many unbroken balloons they can get into the buckets in the fastest time by passing from one player to the next. How far apart the kids are spaced when passing the balloons should be based on their age and ability level -- or how hot it is outside!

Now the kids can practice hitting with the remaining balloons. The kids take turns at bat with the coach pitching them water balloons. This drill is great for kids who have trouble keeping their eye on the ball and are hesitant to follow through with their swing because they don't want to miss seeing the balloon burst.